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How to identify a Scam?

How to identify a Scam?

Are you tired to see news of scam and fraud? don’t worry  Today I will share some tips to know how to identify a Scam?

Let’s Start

There are many types of fraud, and they have evolved over time.

If someone comes into contact unexpectedly – whether on the phone, in the mail, in emails, on the website, in person or on social media – always consider the possibility that it might be fraud.

Gambling does great to appear credible but there are things you can do to identify and take action against fraud. If it is possible to cheat, show what is happening and what you can do about it.

Common Sense

When looking for an online product, a great deal is an obvious reason to buy an online store. A Gucci bag for 150INR or a new iPhone for 1000INR? Who wouldn’t love to have such a deal! But cheaters also know this and will try to take advantage of this fact. When looking at a website if the deal seems too good to be true, think twice and double-check things.

The easiest way to do this is to simply make sure that the product logo the same websites competing (and trust). If the price difference is too large … it would be better to double the rest of the page.

Verify out the social media links

Verify out the social media links

Social media is a major part of the business world these days, and most customers expect to see it online. Scammers are familiar with this and often use an object design that includes these objects. But scratch underground, and many times this job doesn’t even work. Fraud (s) are often too lazy to actually implement Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on their fake page (or you don’t want a place to spread a bad reputation!).

If there are active social media accounts, check them out soon to find out if there is any writing. Usually, if the website is fraudulent, angry users will keep you informed!

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Examine the small print (T&Cs etc.)

Gamblers often use a place or text in these categories to provide them with a professional air. If you see these sites do not exist or are of poor quality (for example) think twice about this online store!

Do you really think the business is doing an incomplete or ridiculous script if this was their business?

Are brand names (mis)used spelling?

Many fraudulent internet stores use brand names (Adidas, Chanel, Apple) along with terms such as discounts, discounts or even free to find visitors using search engines. Standards often do not like to see their products being sold in such stores. Also, most serious online stores sell many brands and their lives are not tied to one brand.

Also, watch the look and feel of these websites below. Parties such as the logo and image are often of high quality on legal websites, as brands can attract you to their products. Most gamblers steal real-life media images from a variety of sources. This may mean that the webpage image may appear to be inexperienced, with visual features that appear to be patterns or images of lower resolution.

Has a working Trustmark?

Trustworthiness is a way of securing third party online stores. This may indicate the security or rights of customers for example. However, the websites also use fraud … are not always legally!

For example, they may have a brand image, but it is not really a proven site, meaning they are misusing the label and misleading!

One example of this is our secure version of Safe. Shop. If you see the Safe. Shop logo on a site you’re worried about, try clicking it! If you find that this process is not working, head over to Safe. Shop and make sure they are truly a reputable user.

Review the Domain name

Some sites will try and trick you into thinking they are legit. The easiest way to do this is to trick you into thinking about an official website when it is actually fake.

Make sure the domain name (web address) is as expected, especially if clicking a link. Still not sure? Well, the easy solution is to search the specific page through your favorite search engine. False sites like these rely on you to click on a direct link, and they will generally not be high on the rankings. hope it will help you to identify a Scam

Review the Domain name

Is communication secured?

Do you see “https” in front of the web address and is there a green “lock” visible? In this case, the connection between your web browser store and your browser is encrypted, making the web store a little more secure and usable. It is not a guarantee that the web store is not as fake as the cost of adding an SSL certificate (you need to maintain communication) is minimal.

Visit examination sites

A web store using a popular customer review system is usually a good sign. However, some review systems are better than others. Check if the review process complies with the Review Certification Standards, meaning that the web store may not delete or edit reviews for no reason.

Sense company registration

This may not be easy if you are considering buying the full range. Each country has its own way of registering companies. In the US Better Business Bureau is a good source. In the Netherlands, you can check out the Chamber of Commerce. hope it will help you to identify a Scam

Our payment methods reliable?

Our payment methods reliable?

There are many types of payment methods. Generally, credit cards, PayPay, Alipay provide customer protection by allowing customers to recover their money if goods are not delivered. Check if the web store supports these payment methods. Never send money to a bank account if you have doubts about the reliability of a web store.

Who will bring the product?

Which is the delivery partner that the web store is working for? Not all web stores are listed but some have put together “where to check the package”. If a trusted partner is named, this is usually a good sign. hope it will help you to identify a Scam

I am not sure? Contact the web store

A good web store knows its customers want to connect with you in different ways. Check if the company says the phone number, by email (form) on social media. Call the company if you are in doubt or send an email for more information. A professional web store usually responds within hours or a maximum of two business days depending on the medium.

How to spot a fake

Clues for recognizing a fake document identify a Scam

The documents are easily concealed. Some will look real but others may have warning signs, such as:

generic rather than personal greetings
names of non-existent organizations
poor quality presentation
poor quality grammar and spelling
formal or compulsory language.
Documents such as flight trips and bank statements have a simple schedule, which is not applicable even when they are legal because such businesses allow their customers to publish online notes. This means that scammers can easily create fake documents using information available online such as company icons and website images.


Hopefully, this information will provide you with a better understanding of how to identify a Scam?.



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